Love 52 Quotes "Over 6 Years Created 1800 More"

Photo by Ali Nishan

"There is love, there is light"

"Love calls love"

"Love is prison, love is sorrow"

"There is love either or not"

"Love does not weigh, if it can be weighed it is fake love"

"Sadness is deep enough as much as I loved"

"Those who have never been loved can not love people well"

"It is a sad nature to easily fall in love."

"There are many things that pleases people in the world,

There is nothing that fascinates and attracts people as much as love affairs. "

"Be a true-faithful person to do real love"

"Love is a secret medicine of youth and longevity"

"Love gives wings to people"

"The beginning of love is spring,

If you keep loving unchanged even after the next summer, autumn, winter,

That's true love. "

"First love is a butoh as long as one night"

"The world of humans is easy to change, the heart of human beings who make it is more easy to shift, especially in love"

"Friendship between a man and a woman sometimes develops into love"

"The missed fish and unrequited love are hard to forget"

"People love to look and feel disappointed with their contents"

"If you let down your guard in normal battle, you lose,

In the battle of love, there is no fruitful love If you don't take the guard down at all "

"The winter where you were in was summer.

Summer seems to be winter without you.

Yes, you were the sun ... .... "

"Those who do not know love do not know the warmth of the sun"

"Once you know the warmth of love's sun,

You can not bear the coldness of winter without love. "

"Love loses its radiance, like a ring that passed years ago, so let's polish, for our love"

"To be loved by people, we must be those who love people."

"You hate the man whom you loved because you still love him."

"If you want to gain unchanging love, give unchanging love"

"There are some essential things to live for people.

First, reside in water, food, clothing. In modern times money.

And there are common things in any era.

That's love. Without love, everything is just empty. "

"A person was not born to fight, he was born to love."

"Those who have money but no love are unfortunate.

Those who have no money and have love are happy.

There is money and those with love are blessed. "

"For those who are hungry they can do it, but they can not afford to those who are hungry for love."

"What is thirst that can not be healed by water .... It is the thirst of love.

Even if we have water only for this, no one can heal that thirst ....

If there is no love there "

"People are beautiful because they are moisturized with love"

"With all thirst, only the thirst of love can hardly heal"

"Many people who can love have a lot of happiness"

"It is fun to have love.

It is sad that there is no love.

It is horrible to lose love.

To give love is a pleasure.

He who is in love is happy.

Love is beautiful. "

"Love and Lie can not be hidden"

"People who understand love have never loved people.

Because it is extremely calm and wise to understand love,

Also, if you are such a person, I can say that it is rare to easily fall in love and love people. "

"Love is passion, love is burning"

"To like that person is to like the person's face and kindness,

To say that you love that person takes all of that person and accepts it. "

"It can be said that there is love because not only that person's beauty but also the faults are loved."

"The love of those who can only love what they can see will not last long"

"Love is born by knowing, hatred is the same"

"If you are here and I am by your side, that's fine"

"Only people can love purely when they are children"

"Child love is truth, adult love is fake.

Because adults are comprehensive. "

"Give it rather than receive it"

"It is better to give than to receive"

"If love is everlasting, its tribunal will also be eternal"

"There are three lights that illuminate the world brightly.

It is the sun and hope, and the light of love. "

"As human beings and wealth and fame grows, they move away from true love."

"The secret to getting true love is to hide things such as wealth, fame, standing.

In other words, you must hide your identity to a certain extent. "

"Love gathering in wealth and fame is a false love.

Because they do not love him,

Because we love what we said, such as wealth, fame, position of that person. "

"To the love that can be seen forever, the end will come someday.

Just like the end of human life.

And like the cherry blossoms scattering, tell people the end of spring.

But do not forget, next time the love summer is waiting for you.

In the summer another flower will bloom. do not forget. "